PEER Research Reports - 1998

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PEER 1998/08 - Behavior and Failure Analysis of a Multiple-Frame Highway Bridge in the 1994 Northridge Earthquake
G. Fenves, M. Ellery - Report (4 MB)
PEER 1998/07 - Empirical Evaluation of Inertial Soil-Structure Interaction Effects
J. Stewart, R. Seed, G. Fenves - Report (2 MB)
PEER 1998/06 - Effect of Damping Mechanisms on the Response of Seismically Isolated Structures
N. Makris, S. Chang - Report (496 KB)
PEER 1998/05 - Rocking Response and Overturning of Equipment Under Horizontal Pulse-Type Motions
N. Makris, Y. Roussos - Report (1.4 MB)
PEER 1998/04 - Defining the Links Between Planning, Policy Analysis, Economics and Earthquake Engineering - PEER Invitational Workshop Proceedings May 14-15, 1998
M. Comerio, P. Gordon - Report (320 KB)
PEER 1998/03 - Repair/Upgrade Procedures for Welded Beam to Column Connections
J. Anderson, X. Duan - Report (7 MB)
PEER 1998/02 - Seismic Evaluation of 196 kV Porcelain Transformer Bushings
A. Gilani, J. Chavez, G. Fenves, A. Whittaker - Report (5 MB)
PEER 1998/01- Seismic Performance of Well-Confined Concrete Bridge Columns
D. Lehman, J. Moehle - Report (40 MB)