PEER Research Reports - 2000

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PEER 2000/10 - The Second U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
11–13 Sept 2000 Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan - Report (25 MB)
PEER 2000/09 - Structural Engineering Reconnaissance of the August 17, 1999 Earthquake: Kocaeli (Izmit), Turkey
H. Kenneth, J. Elwood, A. Whittaker, K. Mosalam, J. Wallace, J. Stanton - Report (12 MB)
PEER 2000/08 - Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns Having Varying Aspect Ratios and Varying Lengths of Confinement
A. Calderone, D. Lehman, J. Moehle - Report (14 MB)
PEER 2000/07 - Cover-Plate and Flange-Plate Reinforced Steel Moment-Resisting Connections
T. Kim, A. Whittaker, A. Gilani, V. Bertero, S. Takhirov - Report (27 MB)
PEER 2000/06 - Seismic Evaluation and Analysis of 230-kV Disconnect Switches
A. Gilani, A. Whittaker, G. Fenves, C. Chen, H. Ho, E. Fujisaki - Report (11 KB)
PEER 2000/05 - Performance-Based Evaluation of Exterior Reinforced Concrete Building Joints for Seismic Excitation
C. Clyde, C. Pantelides, L. Reaveley - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2000/04 - An Evaluation of Seismic Energy Demand: An Attenuation Approach
C. Chou, C. Uang - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2000/03 - Framing Earthquake Retrofitting Decisions: The Case of Hillside Homes in Los Angeles
D. von Winterfeldt, N. Roselund, A. Kitsuse - Report (1.5 MB)
PEER 2000/02 - U.S. Japan Workshop on the Effects of Near-Field Earthquake Shaking March 20–21, 2000 San Francisco, California
A. Whittaker - Report (16 MB)
PEER 2000/01 - Further Studies on Seismic Interaction in Interconnected Electrical Substation Equipment
A. Der Kiureghian, K. Hong, J. Sackman - Report (2.3 MB)