PEER Research Reports - 2001

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PEER 2001/16 - Statistics of SDF-System Estimate of Roof Displacement for Pushover Analysis of Buildings
A. Chopra, R. Goel, C. Chintanapakdee - Report (1.3 MB)
PEER 2001/15 - Damage to Bridges during the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake
R. Ranf, M. Eberhard, M. Berry - Report (1 MB)
PEER 2001/14 - Rocking Response of Equipment Anchored to a Base Foundation
N. Makris, C. Black - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2001/13 - Modeling Soil Liquefaction Hazards for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
S. Kramer, A. Elgamal - Report (8 MB)
PEER 2001/12 - Development of Geotechnical Capabilities in OpenSees
B. Jeremic - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2001/11 - Analytical and Experimental Study of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators
J. Kelly, S. Takhirov - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2001/10 - Amplification Factors for Spectral Acceleration in Active Regions
J. Stewart, A. Liu, Y. Choi, M. Baturay - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2001/09 - Ground Motion Evaluation Procedures for Performance-Based Design
J. Stewart, S. Chiou, J. Bray, R. Graves, P. Somerville, N. Abrahamson - Report (10 MB)
PEER 2001/08 - Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Beam-Column Connections for Seismic Performance
C. Naito, J. Moehle, K. Mosalam - Report (11 MB)
PEER 2001/07 - The Rocking Spectrum and the Shortcomings of Design Guidelines
N.Makris, D. Konstantinidis - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2001/06 - Development of an Electrical Substation Equipment Performance Database for Evaluation of Equipment Fragilities
T. Anagnos - Report (432 KB)
PEER 2001/05 - Stiffness Analysis of Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators
H. Tsai, J. Kelly - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2001/04 - Organizational and Societal Considerations for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
P. May - Report (360 KB)
PEER 2001/03 - A Modal Pushover Analysis Procedure to Estimate Seismic Demands for Buildings: Theory and Preliminary Evaluation
A. Chopra, R. Goel - Report (1 MB)
PEER 2001/02 - Seismic Response Analysis of Highway Overcrossings Including Soil-Structure Interaction
J. Zhang and N. Makris - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2001/01- Experimental Study of Large Seismic Steel Beam-to-Column Connections
E. Popov, S. Takhirov - Report (3 MB)