PEER Research Reports - 2002

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PEER 2002/24 - Performance of Beam to Column Bridge Joints Subjected to a Large Velocity Pulse
N. Gibson, A. Filiatrault, S. Ashford - Report (8 MB)
PEER 2002/23 - Effects of Large Velocity Pulses on Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
G. Orozco, S. Ashford - ReportB (2 M)
PEER 2002/22 - Characterization of Large Velocity Pulses for LaboratoryTesting
K. Cox, S. Ashford - Report (989 KB)
PEER 2002/21 - The Fourth U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
22–24 October 2002 Toba, Japan - Report (15 MB)
PEER 2002/20 - Barriers to Adoption and Implementation of PBEE Innovations
Peter May - Report (407 KB)
PEER 2002/19 - Economic-Engineering Integrated Models for Earthquakes: Socioeconomic Impacts
P. Gordon, J. Moore II, H. Richardson - Report (1 MB)
PEER 2002/18 - Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Building Exterior Joints with Substandard Details
C. Pantelides, J. Hansen, J. Nadauld, L. Reaveley - Report (5 MB)
PEER 2002/17 - Structural Characterization and Seismic Response Analysis of a Highway Overcrossing Equipped with Elastomeric Bearings and Fluid Dampers: A Case Study
N. Makris, J. Zhang - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2002/16 - Estimation of Uncertainty in Geotechnical Properties for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
A. Jones, S. Kramer, P. Arduino - Report (1 MB)
PEER 2002/15 - Seismic Behavior of Bridge Columns Subjected to Various Loading Patterns
A. Esmaeily-Gh., Y. Xiao - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2002/14 - Inelastic Seismic Response of Extended Pile Shaft Supported Bridge Structures
T. Hutchison, R. Boulanger, Y. Chai, I. Idriss - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2002/13 - Probabilistic Models and Fragility Estimates for Bridge Components and Systems
P. Gardoni, A. Der Kiureghian, K. Mosalam - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2002/12 - Effects of Fault Dip and Slip Rake on Near-Source Ground Motions: Why Chi-Chi Was a Relatively Mild M7.6 Earthquake
B. Aagaard, J. Hall, T. Heaton - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2002/11 - Analytical and Experimental Study of Fiber-Reinforced Strip Isolators
J. Kelly and S. Takhirov - Report (5 MB)
PEER 2002/10 - Centrifuge Modeling of Settlement and Lateral Spreading with Comparisons to Numerical Analysis
S. Gajan, B. Kutter - Report (7 MB)
PEER 2002/09 - Documentation and Analysis of Field Case Histories of Seismic Compression during the 1994 Northridge, CA Earthquake
J. Stewart, P. Smith, D. Whang, J. Bray - Report (7 MB)
PEER 2002/08 - Component Testing, Stability Analysis and Characterization of Buckling-Restrained Unbonded Braces™
C. Black, N. Makris, I. Aiken - Report (5 MB)
PEER 2002/07 - Seismic Performance of Pier-Wharf Connections
C. Roder, R. Graff, J. Soderstrom, J. Yoo - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2002/06 - The Use of Benefit-Cost Analysis for Evaluation of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Decisions
R. Zerbe, A. Falit-Baiamonte - Report (648 KB)
PEER 2002/05 - Guidelines, Specifications, and Seismic Performance Characterization of Nonstructural Building Components and Equipment
A. Filiatrault, C. Christopoulos, C. Stearns - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2002/04 - Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems and the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center Lifelines Program: Invited Workshop on Archiving and Web Dissemination of Geotechnical Data
4–5 October 2001 Richmond, California - Report (50 MB)
PEER 2002/03 - Investigation of Sensitivity of Building Loss Estimates to Major Uncertain Variables for the Van Nuys Testbed
K. Porter, J. Beck, R. Shaikhutdinov - Report (868 KB)
PEER 2002/02 - The Third U.S.-Japan Workshop on Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Methodology for Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
August 16-18 Seattle WA - Report (13 MB)
PEER 2002/01- Nonstructural Loss Estimation: The UC Berkeley Case Study
M. Comerio, J. Stallmeyer - Report (29 MB)