PEER Research Reports - 2004

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PEER 2004/09 - Electrical Substation Equipment Interaction: Experimental Rigid Conductor Studies
C. Stearns and A. Filiatrault - Report (39 MB)
PEER 2004/08 - Seismic Qualification and Fragility Testing of Line Break 550-kV Disconnect Switches
S. Takhirov, G. Fenves, and E. Fujisaki - Report (52 MB)
PEER 2004/07 - Ground Motions for Earthquake Simulator Qualification of Electrical Substation Equipment
S. Takhirov, G. Fenves, E. Fujisaki, and D. Clyde - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2004/06 - Performance-Based Regulation and Regulatory Regimes
P. May and C. Koski - Report (522 KB)
PEER 2004/05 - Performance-Based Seismic Design Concepts and Implementation Proceedings of the International Workshop Bled, Slovenia, June 28 - July 1, 2004
edited by P. Fajfar and H. Krawinkler - Report (14 MB)
PEER 2004/04 - Seismic Performance of an Instrumented Tilt-up Wall Building
J. Anderson, V. Bertero, M. Kargahi, and M. Al Satari - Report (36 MB)
PEER 2004/03 - Evaluation and Application of Concrete Tilt-up Assessment Methodologies
T. Graf and J. Malley - Report (15 MB)
PEER 2004/02 - Analytical Investigations of New Methods for Reducing Residual Displacements of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
J. Sakai and S. Mahin - Report (28 MB)
PEER 2004/01 - Seismic Performance of Masonry Buildings and Design Implications
K.T. Tokoro, J. Anderson, and V. Bertero - Report (14 MB)