PEER Research Reports - 2005

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PEER 2005/16 - Seismic Response and Reliability of Electrical Substation Equipment and Systems
J. Song, A. Kiureghian, J. Sackman - Report (4.2 MB)
PEER 2005/15 - CPT-Based Probabilistic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Initiation
R. Moss, R. Seed, R. Kayen, J. Stewart, A. Kiureghian - Report (1.3 MB)
PEER 2005/14 - Workshop on Modeling of Nonlinear Cyclic Load- Deformation Behavior of Shallow Foundations
B. Kutter, G. Martin, T. Hutchinson, C. Harden, S. Gajan, J. Phalen - Report (5.1 MB)
PEER 2005/13 - Stochastic Characterization and Decision Bases under Time-Dependent Aftershock Risk in Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
G. Yeo, C. Cornell - Report (7 MB)
PEER 2005/12 - PEER Testbed Study on a Laboratory Building: Exercising Seismic Performance Assessment
M. Comerio, Editor - Report (2.7 MB)
PEER 2005/11 - Van Nuys Hotel Building Testbed Report: Exercising Seismic Performance Assessment
H. Krawinkler, Editor - Report (3.1 MB)
PEER 2005/10 - First NEES/E-Defense Workshop on Collapse Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures
- Report (66 MB)
PEER 2005/09 - Test Applications of Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
J. Maffei, K. Telleen, D. Mohr, W. Holmes, Y. Nakayama - Report (6.8 MB)
PEER 2005/08 - Damage Accumulation in Lightly Confined Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns
R. Ranf, J. Nelson, Z. Price, M. Eberhard, J. Stanton - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2005/07 - Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Seismic Response of Freestanding and Anchored Laboratory Equipment
D. Konstantinidis, N.Makris - Report (12.1 MB)
PEER 2005/06 - Global Collapse of Frame Structures under Seismic Excitations
L. Ibarra and H. Krawinkler - Report (4.4 MB)
PEER 2005/05 - Performance Characterization of Bench- and Shelf-Mounted Equipment
S. Chaudhuri and T. Hutchinson - Report (31.8 MB)
PEER 2005/04 - Numerical Modeling of the Nonlinear Cyclic Response of Shallow Foundations
C. Harden, T. Hutchinson, G. Martin, B. Kutter - Report (5.7 MB)
PEER 2005/03 - A Taxonomy of Building Components for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
K. Porter - Report (788 KB)
PEER 2005/02 - Fragility Basis for California Highway Overpass Bridge Seismic Decision Making
K. Mackie and B. Stojadinovic - Report (8.7 MB)
PEER 2005/01 - Empirical Characterizations of Site Conditions on Strong Ground Motion
J. Stewart, Y. Choi, and R. Graves - Report (6.2 MB)