PEER Research Reports - 2006

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PEER 2006/12 - Societal Implications of Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering
Peter J. May - Report (500 KB)
PEER 2006/11 - Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis Using Advanced Ground Motion Intensity Measures, Attenuation Relationships, and Near-Fault Effects
Polsak Tothong, C. Allin Cornell - Report (6.2 MB)
PEER 2006/10 - Application of the PEER PBEE Methodology to the I-880 Viaduct
Sashi K. Kunnath - Report (4.8 MB)
PEER 2006/09 - Quantifying Economic Losses from Travel Forgone Following a Large Metropolitan Earthquake
J. Moore II, S. Cho, Y. Fan, S. Werner - Report (864 KB)
PEER 2006/08 - Vector-Valued Ground Motion Intensity Measures for Probabilistic Seismic Demand Analysis
J. Baker, C. Cornell - Report (4.2 MB)
PEER 2006/07 - Analytical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Walls for Predicting Flexural and Coupledľ Shear-Flexural Responses
K. Orakcal, L. Massone, J. Wallace - Report (4.3 MB)
PEER 2006/06 - Nonlinear Analysis of a Soil-Drilled Pier System under Static and Dynamic Axial Loading
G. Wang, N. Sitar - Report (11.5 MB)
PEER 2006/05 - Advanced Seismic Assessment Guidelines
P. Bazzurro, C. Cornell, C. Menun, M. Motahari, N. Luco - Report (1.2 MB)
PEER 2006/04 - Probabilistic Seismic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structural Components and Systems
T-H. Lee, K. Mosalam - Report (2.2 MB)
PEER 2006/03 - Performance of Lifelines Subjected to Lateral Spreading
S. Ashford, T. Juirnarongrit - Report (19.2 MB)
PEER 2006/02 - Highway Demonstration Project
A. Kiremidjian, J.Moore, Y. Yue Fan, N. Basoz, O. Yazali, M. Williams - Report (9.4 MB)
PEER 2006/01 - Bracing Berkeley: A Guide to Seismic Safety on the UC Berkeley Campus
M. Comerio, S. Tobriner, and A. Fehrenkamp - Report (21.2 MB)