PEER Research Reports - 2009

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PEER 2009/03 - The Integration of Experimental and Simulation Data in the Study of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Systems Including Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction
Matthew Dryden and Gregory L. Fenves - Report (2.9 MB)
PEER 2009/109 - Simulation and Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering Assessment of Self-Centering Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge Systems
Won K. Lee and Sarah L. Billington - Report (4.3 MB)
PEER 2009/108 - PEER Lifelines Geotechnical Virtual Data Center
J. Carl Stepp, Daniel J. Ponti, Loren L. Turner, Jennifer N. Swift, Sean Devlin, Yang Zhu, Jean Benoit, and John Bobbitt - Report (4.9 MB)
Appendix 2
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Appendix 3
- (3.4 MB)
PEER 2009/107 - Experimental and Computational Evaluation of Current and Innovative In-Span Hinge Details in Reinforced Concrete Box-Girder Bridges: Part 2: Post-Test Analysis and Design Recommendations
Matias A. Hube and Khalid M. Mosalam - Report (1.8 MB)
PEER 2009/106 - Shear Strength Models of Exterior Beam-Column Joints without Transverse Reinforcement
Sangjoon Park and Khalid M. Mosalam - Report (3.2 MB)
PEER 2009/105 - Reduced Uncertainty of Ground Motion Prediction Equations through Bayesian Variance Analysis
Robb Eric S. Moss - Report (776 KB)
PEER 2009/104 - Advanced Implementation of Hybrid Simulation
Andreas H. Schellenberg, Stephen A. Mahin, Gregory L. Fenves - Report (10.7 MB)
PEER 2009/02 - Improving Earthquake Mitigation through Innovations and Applications in Seismic Science, Engineering, Communication, and Response
Proceedings of a U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop June 29–July 1, 2009 Irvine, California - Report (24.9 MB)
PEER 2009/103 - Performance Evaluation of Innovative Steel Braced Frames
T. Y. Yang, Jack P. Moehle and Bozidar Stojadinovic - Report (5.6 MB)
PEER 2009/102 - Liquefaction and Nonliquefaction Case Histories from the 1976 Tangshan Earthquake
Robb Eric S. Moss, Robert Kayen, Liyuan Tong, Songyu Liu, Guojun Cai, and Jiaer Wu - Report (14.9 MB)
PEER 2009/101 - Report of the First Joint Planning Meeting for the Second Phase of NEES/E-Defense Collaborative Research on Earthquake Engineering
Convened by the NEES Consortium, Inc. and Hyogo Earthquake Engineering Research Center National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention - Report (30 MB)
PEER 2009/01 - Evaluation of Ground Motion Selection and Modification Methods: Predicting Median Interstory Drift Response of Buildings
PEER Ground Motion Selection and Modification Working Group - Curt B. Haselton, Editor - Report (9.9 MB)
Appendix C
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Appendix D
- PEER-GMSM_AppendixD.xls (2.3 MB)