PEER Research Reports - 2013

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PEER 2013/26 - Urban Earthquake Engineering
Proceedings of the U.S.-Iran Seismic Workshop, December 18-20, 2012, Tehran, Iran - Report (36 MB)
PEER 2013/25 - Earthquake Engineering for Resilient Communities: 2013 PEER Internship Program Research Report Collection
Heidi Tremayne (Editor), Stephen A. Mahin (Editor), Jorge Archbold Monterrosa, Matt Brosman, Shelley Dean, Katherine deLaveaga, Curtis Fong, Donovan Holder, Rakeeb Khan, Elizabeth R. Jachens, David Lam, Daniela Martinez Lopez, Mara Minner, Geffen Oren, Julia Pavicic, Melissa C. Quinonez, Lorena Rodriguez, Sean E. Salazar, Kelli Slaven, Vivian Steyert, Jenny Taing, and Salvador Tena - Report (16 MB)
PEER 2013/24 - NGA-West2 Ground Motion Prediction Equations for Vertical Ground Motions
Report (32 MB)
PEER 2013/23 - Coordinated Planning and Preparedness for Fire Following Major Earthquakes
Charles Scawthorn - Report (5 MB)
PEER 2013/22 - GEM-PEER Task 3 Project: Selection of a Global Set of Ground Motion Prediction Equations
Jonathan P. Stewart, John Douglas, Mohammad B. Javanbarg, Carola Di Alessandro, Yousef Bozorgnia, Norman A. Abrahamson, David M. Boore, Kenneth W. Campbell, Elise Delavaud, Mustafa Erdik, and Peter J. Stafford - Report (16 MB)
PEER 2013/21 - Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges with Columns on Rocking Foundations
Grigorios Antonellis and Marios Panagiotou - Report (2 MB)
PEER 2013/20 - Experimental and Analytical Studies on the Seismic Behavior of Conventional and Hybrid Braced Frames
Jiun-Wei Lai and Stephen A. Mahin - Report (38 MB)
- Appendix A (3.3 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix B (7.3 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix C (6.3 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix D (22.4 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix E (29.6 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix F (29.2 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix G (28.9 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix H (2.4 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix I (5.6 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix J (6.4 MB, pdf file)
PEER 2013/19 - Toward Resilient Communities: A Performance-Based Engineering Framework for Design and Evaluation of the Built Environment
Michael William Mieler, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Robert J. Budnitz, Stephen A. Mahin, and Mary C. Comerio - Report (6 MB)
PEER 2013/18 - Identification of Site Parameters that Improve Predictions of Site Amplification
Ellen M. Rathje and Sara Navidi - Report (4 MB)
PEER 2013/17 - Response Spectrum Analysis of Concrete Gravity Dams Including Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction
Arnkjell Løkke and Anil K. Chopra - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2013/16 - Effect of hoop reinforcement spacing on the cyclic response of large reinforced concrete special moment frame beams
Marios Panagiotou, Tea Visnjic, Grigorios Antonellis, Panagiotis Galanis, and Jack P. Moehle - Report (7 MB)
PEER 2013/15 - A Probabilistic Framework to Include the Effects of Near-Fault Directivity in Seismic Hazard Assessment
Shrey Kumar Shahi and Jack W. Baker - Report (4.3 MB)
PEER 2013/14 - Hanging-Wall Scaling using Finite-Fault Simulations
Jennifer L. Donahue and Norman A. Abrahamson - Report (7.3 MB)
- Appendix A (1.1 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix B (543 KB, pdf file)
- Appendix C (21 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix D (2.2 MB, pdf file)
- Appendix E (528 KB, pdf file)
- Appendix F (1.1 MB, pdf file)
PEER 2013/13 - Semi-Empirical Nonlinear Site Amplification and its Application in NEHRP Site Factors
Jonathan P. Stewart and Emel Seyhan - Report (3.9 MB)
PEER 2013/12 - Nonlinear Horizontal Site Response for the NGA-West2 Project
Ronnie Kamai, Norman A. Abrahamson, Walter J. Silva - Report (8 MB)
- Appendix B (0.1 MB, csv file)
- Appendix C (24 MB, csv file)
- Appendix D (8 MB, csv file)
PEER 2013/11 - Epistemic Uncertainty for NGA-West2 Models
Linda Al Atik and Robert R. Youngs - Report (16 MB)
PEER 2013/10 - NGA-West2 Models for Ground-Motion Directionality
Shrey K. Shahi and Jack W. Baker - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2013/09 - Final Report of the NGA-West2 Directivity Working Group
Paul Spudich, Jeffrey R. Bayless, Jack W. Baker, Brian S.J. Chiou, Badie Rowshandel, Shrey K. Shahi, and Paul Somerville - Report (22 MB)
PEER 2013/08 - NGA-West2 Model for Estimating Average Horizontal Values of Pseudo-Absolute Spectral Accelerations Generated by Crustal Earthquakes
I. M. Idriss - Report (3 MB)
PEER 2013/07 - Update of the Chiou and Youngs NGA Ground Motion Model for Average Horizontal Component of Peak Ground Motion and Response Spectra
Brian S.J. Chiou and Robert R. Youngs - Report (10 MB)
- Errata (0.2 MB)
PEER 2013/06 - NGA-West2 Campbell-Bozorgnia Ground Motion Model for the Horizontal Components of PGA, PGV, and 5%-Damped Elastic Pseudo-Acceleration Response Spectra for Periods Ranging from 0.01 to 10 sec
Kenneth W. Campbell and Yousef Bozorgnia - Report (13 MB)
- Appendix A (0.3 MB, excel file)
- Appendix B (0.3 MB, excel file)
- Errata (0.2 MB)
PEER 2013/05 - NGA-West2 Equations for Predicting Response Spectral Accelerations for Shallow Crustal Earthquakes
David M. Boore, Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, and Gail M. Atkinson - Report (17 MB)
- Errata (0.6 MB)
PEER 2013/04 - Update of the AS08 Ground-Motion Prediction Equations Based on the NGA-West2 Data Set
Norman A. Abrahamson, Walter J. Silva, and Ronnie Kamai - Report (29 MB)
- Errata (0.1 MB)
PEER 2013/03 - PEER NGA-West2 Database
Timothy D. Ancheta, Robert B. Darragh, Jonathan P. Stewart, Emel Seyhan, Walter J. Silva, Brian S.J. Chiou, Katie E. Wooddell, Robert W. Graves, Albert R. Kottke, David M. Boore, Tadahiro Kishida, and Jennifer L. Donahue - Report (6 MB)
- Errata (0.1 MB)
PEER 2013/02 - Hybrid Simulation of the Seismic Response of Squat Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls
Catherine A. Whyte and Bozidar Stojadinovic - Report (31 MB)
PEER 2013/01 - Housing Recovery in Chile: A Qualitative Mid-program Review
Mary C. Comerio - Report (7.5 MB)